The Reason for Everything

The Reason for Everything


A highly emotive collection of short stories by Ina Morata, ten years in the making.

What causes us to love? To have passion for someone, or something? What keeps us doing it, even when life throws us a curve ball? What if we reach our emotional tipping point — what might we resort to then, to protect our love, or maybe protect ourselves from it? What if our emotions have been shattered? Can we salvage something, rebuild ourselves?

A girl who watches as her mother slowly disintegrates; an emotionally abused woman whose husband breaks the straw on the camel’s back; adultery with an emotionally-charged background; a man who needs to find a name for his baby daughter amid devastating circumstances; two woman who have very different mother-daughter relationships; A married woman whose memories of the tragic relationship with another man have become her life. All of these characters, and many more, tell their stories of loves lost, broken, tangled and passionate. This collection tackles some dark and highly emotive themes head-on.

The Reason for Everything will be available as an e-book on all good digital platforms, and in print.

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