Author FAQs

Author FAQs

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about publishing with us. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us.

Do I have to pay to get my book published with you?

No, absolutely not! We never ask our authors for money. We pride ourselves in taking complete care of our authors, and will never ask you to pay for submitting, editing, proofreading, publishing or promoting your work. All of these costs are absorbed in our royalty share of the revenue.

How does payment to authors work, for their work published with you?

We pay generous royalties to our authors. Royalties are split, with 50% going to the author and 50% to the publisher (in the case of multiple-author anthologies, 50% goes to the publisher, with 50% split between the contributing authors). These royalties are determined by the net revenue received by us from the distributors. You receive monthly sales reports and royalties, also paid monthly via PayPal, subject to a minimum revenue of £25 accrued by all your work published with us.

What happens after I submit my work?

You will receive acknowledgement that we have received your work, usually within 48 hours of sending it to us. Your work will be read ‘in-house’ and by at least one other trusted reader. We love independent authors, and aim to publish as much high quality work as possible. If we love the work you have submitted, or know we would love to work with you to improve it, then we will be in touch in 4–6 weeks, to give you the good news. We will then issue you with a contract, which you need to review, and sign. We will then work with you on editing your book, and during this time your book cover will be designed, in consultation with you. When a final draft of your work has been agreed by us and you, it will then be proofread. All editing and proofreading is performed by qualified and experienced editors and proofreaders.

Your book will be formatted for e-book and, if applicable, hard copy, and you will be given a proof e-copy to check, prior to publication.

If, for any reason, we feel that your work is not a good fit for us, we will always reply with feedback and alternative publishing options that we think might be a good fit for your work, if appropriate.

Do I need to do my own promotion once my book is published?

We do not expect you to do your own promotion. Your work will be promoted prior to launch on the website, social media, advertising and by other appropriate, ethical means, including our email list. And after launch—don’t worry, we never leave you to fend for yourself. Your work will be continually promoted, which will involve including it in third party sales promotions and offering it at a ‘sale’ price from time to time. We are dedicated to supporting our authors and their work; we are independent authors ourselves and understand exactly where an author needs help. It is not compulsory for you to have your own website or social media accounts in your author name. That said, if you do have these features and wish to do your own promotion (e.g. tweet about your book), then that’s great, too – the more you can promote your work, too, the more sales! It is also good practice to have some kind of online presence as an author, but if you really don’t want that, don’t worry. Our primary concern is the quality of your work.

Who sets the price for my work?

We at Clarian Press do, in conjunction with research based on trends in publishing prices. We value your writing and know the effort you have put into it, and will always treat your work with respect when it comes to pricing it.

You are a UK publisher. Do you expect British spelling in submissions?

No, this is not necessary. As long as you are consistent throughout your work with your preferred spelling, then we will publish with your own particular ‘geographical stamp’ on it.

Will my book have an ISBN supplied by you, or a free ISBN set by the distributor?

As the publisher, we buy the ISBNs and attach them to your work. This ISBN will be used to identify your work for the length of time your work remained published with us. If your work is in hard copy, it will also be registered with the British Library, and we will work hard to get it listed in databases of the large physical bookstores, as well as the online ones.

How long will my work remain published with you?

For single author works, we ask for exclusive worldwide publishing rights in the English language (author’s use of extracts permitted), for five years. For multiple author anthologies, we ask for exclusive worldwide publishing rights in the English language for one year, and non-exclusive rights thereafter, for as long as the work remains published by us

What if there’s a problem, or I don’t understand something?

Please, please get in touch with us. No problem is too small, and we would rather you get clarification, so you are confident in working with us.

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