Can You See Me?: Erotic tales of voyeurism

Can You See Me?: Erotic tales of voyeurism


Coming soon, this richly dark collection of erotic, and sometimes soulful short stories by Ina Morata, tells psychologically and physically explicit tales of the watchers and the watched, their desires, fantasies, wishes and needs. Pushing at the fragile boundaries of darkness and light, it explores the dangers — and overwhelming luscious delights — of their voyeuristic obsessions.

Can You See Me...- kindle cover FINAL 2

In the dark — of the night, your mind, your heart — you watch someone fulfil your sexual desires. Are they watching you? Maybe.

Can you see them, watching? Just what would you do to hold them there? Fantasies you can only dream of are being fulfilled before your eyes; voyeur, how does it feel? Does the one you watch know what they do to your body, your thoughts? Do they care?

Is the desire all-consuming? Tell me, can you fall in love — can the watcher and the watched eat into your very soul — or are the shadows too much to bear?

What things are possible, what are you prepared to risk, when you become a voyeur?


Can You See Me?: Erotic tales of voyeurism will be available as an e-book and also in paperback.



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