Better Late

Better Late



What do you do when you’re in love with your daughter’s boyfriend?

Mark is a fifty-year-old French literature professor. After coming out as gay eight years ago, causing the split of his family, his love life has been very much on hold.

Now living alone, except for times when his university student daughter, Gemma, comes to stay, and encouraged by his brother, Garrett, Mark ventures into the world of dating. Things don’t really go to plan – if Mark even knew what his plan was!

Then Gemma announces she has a new boyfriend. Andy is a thirty-one-year-old dance teacher who finds Mark funny and is one of the very few people to really appreciate his terrible puns. The more time they spend together, the more Mark realises he’s fallen for Andy.

Now, what on earth is he supposed to do about that? There’s no way Andy would feel the same. Is there?

This is a gorgeous M/M romance novella by Lazuli Jones, set in contemporary Canada. Experience for yourself the endearing characters and possibly the world’s cheesiest puns.

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