Welcome to Clarian Press. Here, you’ll discover a bit more about what we do, and why we do it, what drives us, and how we can help you, whether you’re a reader or a writer.



Clarian Press is a publisher of high quality, sensual, passionate erotic fiction, erotic romance and women’s fiction, and also plans to produce books, booklets and printables to inspire, help and educate authors in this wonderful, exciting world of writing and publishing. It is owned by Ina Morata, who writes erotica, erotic romance, and other forms of strongly emotive fiction. She has a background in teaching, creative arts, and editing and proofreading, as well as in writing, and insists on passion being the key to Clarian Press for readers and writers, just as much as it is for the publisher.

“I am passionate about connecting readers who love erotic work, sensual prose and books with strong themes which dig deep into love, lust and passion at all levels, with writers who are as passionate about writing this kind of work as I am. For me, it’s all about the passion: for writing, for the story, for wanting to make the work the best it can be and to allow readers access to it in as many ways as possible. I want to give readers who want to experience excellent, thought-provoking, hot, emotive fiction, and to read about issues relating to sex, the erotic, dynamics and relationships in thoughtful ways, the chance to read it through Clarian Press. I want to give them work by authors who deserve to be discovered by their discerning readership, but who in some cases cannot, or do not want to, publish by themselves, and also struggle to promote their authorship or their work for various reasons. My greatest desire is to help these authors and give something back to the world of books that I spend so much time being impassioned by, and love so much.”


Authors can focus on their writing, knowing that their work will be thoroughly edited and proofread, and will be produced and published to industry standard copy. Authors are welcome to be involved with choices involved in the design process, should they wish (authors need to be happy with their book!), and are consulted and informed every step of the way, from initial submission to publication and beyond. Authors don’t have to worry about formatting, or uploading their books to distributors, or ISBNs and bar codes (that’s our job), or collecting payments. Authors are always kept informed of their sales figures and net royalties received, and paid promptly.

Authors are promoted to the very best of our ability, harnessing the power of social media and numerous other sources to get their work in front of as many readers as possible We never expect or assume that authors want to promote themselves or their work on social media, and it’s not a pre-requisite or a contractual demand. An author who wants to promote their work is encouraged and supported, and given advice on this, and graphics are made freely available to authors to use, should they wish, but Clarian Press assumes the main responsibility for promotion, as part of the whole package when an author works with us. Our authors are immensely important to us and we take great care of them.


Publishing and promoting excellent, thought-provoking erotic fiction, romantic erotica, and other work of love, lust and matters of the heart for a readership that loves our work, while letting our wonderful, hard-working writers do what they do best—write.


If there is anything we can do for you, whether it’s offering inspiration for finding your next passionate read, wanting to know more about how we work, or anything in between, please do contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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